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Glazing options - Double-glazing Devon

Glass options

  • Single-glazing

  • Double-glazing

  • Triple glazing

  • Self cleaning glass

  • Fire rated glass

  • Acoustic glass

  • Laminated safety glass

  • Curved and shaped glass

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Glazing options to suit every property style...

  • Square

  • Diamond

  • Queen Anne

  • True leaded lights (single-glazing)

  • Tailor made designs

  • 9mm width

  • 12mm width

  • 16mm width

  • 22mm width

  • Copper colour

  • Chrome colour

  • Gold colour

  • Blackened colour

Aluminium double-glazed windows Exmouth (2)

Leaded lights

Georgian bar (2) Obscure FAN BEV   FB-21

Georgian bars

Obscure glazing

Bevelled glass

  • Charcoal sticks

  • Chantilly

  • Pellerine

  • Taffeta

  • Stippolyte

  • Digital

  • Minster

  • Everglade

  • Contora

  • Oak leaf

  • Florielle

  • Arctic

  • Cotswold

  • Autum leaf

  • Sycamore


Download obscure brochure

  • Wide range of bevels available for doors & windows

  • Hundreds of colours to choose

  • Manufactured to your design or choose from our bevel brochure


Download stained glass / bevels brochure

Glazing options

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We offer a wide range of glazing options to suit your personal taste and property type.


The possibilities are endless and can be tailored to your exact specifications.


From leaded lights to stained glass, each order is designed and manufactured specifically for you.


Right down to the colour of glazing gaskets and spacer bar colour, we believe that it's the small things that make a big difference.


There's no such thing as "a standard window or door". It's your choice.

FLF 32 Pilkington Activ

Stained glass

Self cleaning / solar control

  • The world’s first self-cleaning glass

  • Unique coating breaks down and loosens organic soiling

  • Works day and during the night

  • Can be used for conservatories and windows

  • Will not rub off

  • Easily cleaned during dry spells by hosing down or wiping with a soft cloth and warm soapy water

  • Available in blue or neutral tint to keep inside temperatures cooler, whilst allowing excellent light transmittance


Download Pilkington Activ brochure


Download Pilkington Activ solar control brochure

All of our products comply with current building regulations (Part L) for new build and replacement (with the exception of some listed buildings and properties within conservation areas.


Here's some of the glass options we can provide:

  • Surface applied with Duplex spacer bars (Astragal) as above

  • Internal Georgian bars (between double-glazed unit)

  • Solid steel Georgian glazing bars (Crittall steel windows)

  • Heritage glazing bars (Crittall steel windows)

  • Kensington Georgian glazing bars (Crittall steel windows)

  • 19mm widths

  • 24mm widths

  • Colours available to match windows/doors

  • Wide range of stained glass designs available for doors & windows

  • Hundreds of colours to choose

  • Hundreds of different colour textures available

  • Manufactured to your design or choose from our bevel brochure

  • We can replicate existing stained glass designs



Download stained glass / bevels brochure


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